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Natural Products Expo West 2025
Education & Events
March 4 - 8, 2025
ACC North Halls, ACC Level 300
March 5 - 7, 2025
ACC Main Halls A-E, Arena
March 6 - 8, 2025

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Abbot's 5095
ADM 4042
Alamance Foods 5765
Aloha N1107
Andalucia Nuts N1429
Bakerly N1018
Bakery on Main N1233
Bala Enzyme, Inc N2210
Barukas Superfoods N2147
Bearded Brothers N217
Better Bean N1257
Big Easy Blends 5729
Blender Bites LTD N1034
Blue Monkey 5621, N324
Bobo's N719
Bonafide Provisions N923
Bone Brewhouse N737
brekki ready-to-eat oats 410
Bristol Seafood 2198A
British Columbia Government 2998B
Built N1131
Cha's Organics N317
Chef Bobo – Friendly Grains, Ava Organics, Wowza 391
Chefs Life N1747
Chomps N517
Cibo Vita Inc N513
Clif Bar 551
Clio Snacks N101
Cocojune Products N1846
Country Archer Provisions 5365
Crazy Go Nuts 5545
Crisp Power/Dream Pretzels N1907
Cuisine Solutions N808
Daily Crave, The N201
Daily Harvest N346
Delizza-Poppies Bakeries N712
Dole Packaged Foods, LLC 465
Epicurean Butter N2223
EVIL Snacks N146
Evolved Chocolate N1013
Feel Good Foods N2243
FILLO'S Americas Made N1017
Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation N1718
Froot Thief 5694
Fusion Jerky N832
G2G Bar N1548
Glutenfreeda Flagship, LLC 559
Gnosis by Lesaffre 4431
GnuSante Creations N1243
Goli Nutrition Inc. 4253
GoMacro 5325
Good PLANeT Foods N121
good! snacks N1906
GoodSam Foods N2110
Gourmet Nut N612, N613
Gutzy Organic 1644
Halvana-Mediterranean Made Easy N734
Happy Nuts / Happy Curves 3101
Harken Sweets N1213
Haven's Kitchen N1627
HealthVerve USA 5130
Healthy Crunch 8204
Helion Food USA N1211
Herr Foods Inc. 5188
Hippie Snacks N1700
Hodo N1304
Honey Smoked Fish Co 697
Honey Stinger 5420
HUNDY! 8404
Icelandic Glacial 5515
immi N143
Interpress Technologies and Interpac Technologies 1949
Jackson's Food Company N1043
Kevin's Natural Foods 373
Kibo Foods N1111
Kitchen & Love 5521
Kuli Kuli Foods N2224
L.A. Libations 5005, 4902, 4905
Lakeview Farms 690
Liquid I.V. 312
LiveMore Organics 2001
Lorissa’s Kitchen 5787
LT Foods Americas 2075
Malt Products Corporation 885
Maplegrove Foods LLC N1827
Marimix Company, Inc. N742
Mauna Loa 5214
MicroDried 5500
Mid-Day Squares 5789
Minsley, Inc. 1911
Mishima Foods USA 1110
MUSH 5606
Nature’s Earthly Choice 801
Noka N1048
NutraGummy Inc. 4567
Olivia's Crouton Co., Inc. 796
Olyra N1049
Outstanding Foods, Inc. N1917
Pan's N129
Papa Mountain 5797
Pescavore N2048
Plant Snacks N502
Pocket's Chocolates N430
Preferred Brands Int'l 861
Quantum Energy Squares 5572
Quest Nutrition, LLC 491
Quinn Snacks 5364
Red's All Natural N800
Rip van Wafels N314
Rowdy Mermaid N221
Safe Food Corporation 5113
Sam Trade USA, LLC 5213
Season Brand 991
Second Nature Brands 5554
Select Harvest USA N1132
Sempio Foods 5371
Seven Sundays N1330
simplyFUEL N518
SkinnyDipped 5713
Solely 5025
SOMOS Foods N629, N628
Suji's Cuisine N2025
Summer Fresh Salads, Inc. N1836
Sun Noodle N447
Sun Tropics 5764
SunRidge Farms 1104
Taste of Nature 5539
Taylor Pass Honey Co. N149
That's it. Nutrition 5011
The Only Bean 5170
THEO's Plant-Based N1250
Three Farmers 5310
Tropicana Brands Group 4097
Tru Fru 1891
Tsan Yu Yen Food Co., Ltd. 5134
Uglies Kettle Chips N901
Undercover Chocolate Co. 5324
UNiTE Food N219
UNREAL Brands, Inc. N220
Veetee Food Inc. 1697
Vermont Smoke & Cure N1807
Voyage Foods N2338
waterdrop Microdrinks, LLC N2103
WES Worldwide Expo Services, Ltd. 1002, 1200, 3367, 3494, 3496, 3498, 445, 4643, 948, 999A
Whisps N2317
Wilcox Farms N2322
Wilde Brands N108
Wise Bar N1246
Yumeals – Vivien Paille N2330
ZENB N1630
ZenWTR 5438
Zing Bars 5404
Zolli Candy 1683