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Natural Products Expo West 2025
Education & Events
March 4 - 8, 2025
ACC North Halls, ACC Level 300
March 5 - 7, 2025
ACC Main Halls A-E, Arena
March 6 - 8, 2025

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Category: Special Attributes (Organic Processed/Packaged)

Aloha N1107
Alter Eco 1556
Alvarado Street Bakery 5684
Andalucia Nuts N1429
Applegate Farms, LLC 610
Artisana Organics 1309
Avafina Organics 1828
Bake City, LLC 1990
BeanVIVO® N645
Bearded Brothers N217
BetterBody Foods 571
Big Green Organic Food 1546
Bio Organica Italia SRL 5798B, 2050
Bone Suckin’ Sauce 5360
BONO USA, Inc. 901
Brainiac N1702
Brass Roots 5435
Bueno Foods 1522
Chai Diaries N1912
CharcutNuvo 5451
Charta Global, Inc. 3056
Cha's Organics N317
Cherry Central N1417
Chickapea N931
Chocolove 5015
Chocxo Chocolatier N942, N943
CLEAN Cause 1406
Colombo Export and Import Agencies Pvt, Ltd. 2135
Commercial Bakeries Corp. 1485
Conagra Brands 1117
Coronilla S.A. 1521
Cuisine Solutions N808
CuliNex N1318
Dr. In The Kitchen / Flackers N1333
Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. 1569, N728
Emilia Foods 435
Evo Hemp N1920
Farmers Hen House, Inc. N319
Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, Inc. 5205
Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation N1718
Flavorganics, LLC 1640
Food Earth – Fazlani N1113
Food for Life 1617
FOODMatch (Divina) 765
FST Logistics 1730, 5456
Gimme Health Foods 5530
Glutenfreeda Flagship, LLC 559
Goli Nutrition Inc. 4253
Grandy Organics N828
Gustav Heess GmbH 1724
Hatch Chile Co. 5430
Hddes Extracts Pvt Ltd 1531
Hikari Miso International, Inc. N148
HUNDY! 8404
Inked Bread Co. 1634
Kimnori USA, Inc. 2211
Kor Shots N929
Kuli Kuli Foods N2224
La Tourangelle 5039
Labbel Food LLC N1219
Lakeview Farms 690
Lapierre Maple Farms 1648
LesserEvil, LLC 317
Lotus Foods 1541
LOVO, Pascha Chocolate N610
Made In Nature N1703
Mariani 1890
Marukan Vinegar U.S.A., Inc. 1572
Marukome USA, Inc. 448, 691
Mary's Gone Crackers 5431
Mavuno Harvest N735
Mekhala Living Inc N935
Mezzetta & Jeff’s Garden 5028
Mid-Day Squares 5789
Milhans Foods Corporation 5731
Milton’s 5065, 5064
Minsley, Inc. 1911
Miss Jones Baking Co. 5354
Natural Sourcing International, LLC 1907
Nature Nate's 5665
Nature’s Path Family of Organic Brands 2312
NestFresh & New Barn Organics 1758, 1759
New England Natural Bakers, Inc. N904
NHB Quest, Inc. 1444, 1447
Norr Organic N1832
NuGo Nutrition N1028
Nutri-Nation Functional Foods 1090
Ocean's Halo N1902, N1903
OCIA International N1259
Olivia's Crouton Co., Inc. 796
Organics More Co.,Ltd 1409
Organza, Inc. N1617
Ortiz N312
Overseas Food Trading LTD 5457
Petit Pot 5037
Pomi' USA N313
Pop and Bottle, Inc. 5069
Pro-Cert Organic Systems, Ltd. 1728
PT Organics Ltd 5544
Purely Elizabeth 591
Qimei Organic 3100
Quinn Snacks 5364
Red Oak Commodities 1625
Red's All Natural N800
Richardson Food & Ingredients 1979
Rudi's Rocky Mountain Bakery 4945
Sabatino Truffles N131
San-J International 1005
Say When Chai N1839
Select Brands LLC N528
Seppic, Inc. 3313
Serenity Kids N126
Singing Dog Vanilla 5406
Sioux Honey Association N2019
Sno Pac Foods, Inc. 1604
Stahlbush Island Farms 849
Sunfood Superfoods 681
SunOpta 717
Taste of Nature 5539
Tetra Pak 5405
The Neil Jones Food Company N1621
Theo Chocolate N1701
THEO's Plant-Based N1250
TW Garner Food Company/Green Mountain Gringo 5120
USDA - AMS National Organic Program 1734
Wedderspoon Manuka Honey 5312
White Leaf Provisions N1918
Whole Grain (Dalian) Foods Technology Co., Ltd. N1416
Whole Harmony LLC N946
wholeberry 1334
Wilcox Farms N2322
wildwonder N105
Wise Bar N1246
Yumeals – Vivien Paille N2330
YumEarth N604
Zentis North America, LLC 1868