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Natural Products Expo West 2025
Education & Events
March 4 - 8, 2025
ACC North Halls, ACC Level 300
March 5 - 7, 2025
ACC Main Halls A-E, Arena
March 6 - 8, 2025

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Category: Special Attributes (Food Service Ready)

4th & Heart N715
Abbot's 5095
Actual Veggies 5654
Afia Foods N1206
Alamance Foods 5765
Alvarado Street Bakery 5684
Amafruits 1684
Amazin' Graze Ltd N1142
Amest Foods N1406
Applegate Farms, LLC 610
Arya International LLC N1930
Atlantic Sea Farms N845
Bari Olive Oil Company 5531
Before the Butcher 5511
Beleaf 894
Better Bean N1257
Better Earth, LLC 2930
Beyond Meat 4487
BFree Foods 383
Biena Snacks N1811
Big Easy Blends 5729
Big Picture Foods N1942
BobaBam 5399
Bobo's N719
Braswell Food Company 5559
BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressing 590, 484
BrightFresh Microgreens N809
Bueno Foods 1522
Carl Brandt, Inc. 8304
Cedar's 414
Chai Diaries N1912
CharcutNuvo 5451
Charta Global, Inc. 3056
Cha's Organics N317
Chaucer Foods, Inc. 3087
Chef Hak's 5633
Chickapea N931
Chloe's 5485
Chocxo Chocolatier N942, N943
Chosen Foods, LLC 5601
CHS Inc. 379
Colombo Export and Import Agencies Pvt, Ltd. 2135
Copra Coconuts 100% organic plant based products N1615
Crown Maple N1321
Cup4Cup, LLC 1983
De Silva Brothers & Company 2554
Del Real Foods 2596
Dufour Pastry Kitchens N2304
Eggs Unlimited LLC 8415
Element Food Solutions 1477
Epicurean Butter N2223
Fiddyment Farms 895
FILLO'S Americas Made N1017
Floating Leaf Fine Foods N1035
Flora 5706, 531
Food Maison Corp 5398B
FOODMatch (Divina) 765
Force of Nature Meats N347
Galen Foods 2172
Gnosis by Lesaffre 4431
Good PLANeT Foods N121
Greenleaf Foods 548
Guittard Chocolate 865
Hammons Wild Black Walnuts 5158
Hampton Farms 1025
Harken Sweets N1213
Hearthy Foods Inc. N214
Hodo N1304
Honey Smoked Fish Co 697
Humble & Frank Foods, Ltd. 5378
Humboldt Bay Coffee Co. N1201
HUNDY! 8404
In The Raw - Cumberland Packing N922
Inaexpo USA Ltd. Co. 1571
Ingrilli Citrus, Inc. 5471
Interpress Technologies and Interpac Technologies 1949
Irresistible Foods Group N1622
Italpizza USA, Inc. N948
Ithaca Hummus N403
ITO EN (North America), Inc. 5505
Jackson's Food Company N1043
Kevin's Natural Foods 373
Kite Hill 495
Kodiak Cakes 543
La Tourangelle 5039
Le Grand 5432
Lillie's Q N814
Lotus Foods 1541
Maazah N1338
Marimix Company, Inc. N742
Maroon Sausage Company 8105
Marukome USA, Inc. 448, 691
Mason Dixie Foods 4973
Matiz Foods - Aneto Natural Broths N1623
Minsley, Inc. 1911
Mishima Foods USA 1110
Mochidoki N124
Mother-In-Law's N1224
MyForest Foods N1438
Myrtle Greens 1985
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas 479
Olivia's Crouton Co., Inc. 796
Outstanding Foods, Inc. N1917
Overseas Food Trading LTD 5457
Panera CPG N1010
Papa Mountain 5797
Philippine Brand 388
Q Plus Concept 1629
Rip van Wafels N314
Rishi Tea & Botanicals N2003
Rowdy Mermaid N221
Saltverk N415
San-J International 1005
Santini Foods, Inc. 443
Secret Aardvark N1809
Select Harvest USA N1132
Sencha Naturals 5320
Shady Maple Farms 1862
Siete Family Foods N228, N229
SmartSweets 5575
Spicin Foods N1831
St. Dalfour USA 665
Stahlbush Island Farms 849
Suji's Cuisine N2025
Summer Fresh Salads, Inc. N1836
Summerhill Goat Dairy 972
Tahitian Gold Co., Inc. 1029
Takari International, Inc. 1680
The Fillo Factory 845
The Frozen Bean N1749, N716
The Neil Jones Food Company N1621
The Only Bean 5170
The Republic of Tea N1952
The Ugly Company Inc. N2306
Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed N2203
TOOM Garlic Dips N1331
Traina Foods 2082
Trinity Fruit Company 5348
Truly Grass Fed 1083
TW Garner Food Company/Green Mountain Gringo 5120
Uglies Kettle Chips N901
UNFI 537
Upton's Naturals 5209
Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water 5416
Walker’s Shortbread 971
WayFare Health Foods 359
Wella N328, N329
WES Worldwide Expo Services, Ltd. 1002, 1200, 3367, 3494, 3496, 3498, 445, 4643, 948, 999A
Whisps N2317
Wild Planet Foods 5339, N824
Wilde Brands N108
Win Soon, Inc. DBA Epoca N511
Wise Bar N1246
XO Baking Co. 5384
Yo Egg N910
YumEarth N604
Zentis North America, LLC 1868