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Natural Products Expo West 2025
Education & Events
March 4 - 8, 2025
ACC North Halls, ACC Level 300
March 5 - 7, 2025
ACC Main Halls A-E, Arena
March 6 - 8, 2025

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Category: Special Attributes (Allergy Free)

Abbot's 5095
Abbott Blackstone Co. 1953
Abe's Vegan Muffins N429
Actual Veggies 5654
ADM 4042
Advanced Nutrition by Zahler 7904
Aevo Organic Avacado Oil 1926, 4455, N2109, N2111
Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc. N2014
Alpinola 3336
Alya Foods LLC 1915
Ardent Mills 1669
Artisan Tropic, LLC N1415
Athos Collagen Private Limited 4472
Avena Foods Limited 843
Bakery on Main N1233
Barentz 2886
Bari Olive Oil Company 5531
Better Bean N1257
BFree Foods 383
Bia Diagnostics Laboratories 942
Biena Snacks N1811
Big Easy Blends 5729
Blake's Seed Based N2107
Blender Bites LTD N1034
Bob Snail 1896
Bone Brewhouse N737
Brass Roots 5435
Brothers International 5720
Buddha Teas, Living Wellness Partners, LLC 425
Catania Oils 5212
CharcutNuvo 5451
Cha's Organics N317
Chef Bobo – Friendly Grains, Ava Organics, Wowza 391
Chickapea N931
Childlife Essentials 4163
Chinova Bioworks 5669
Chloe's 5485
Chomps N517
Color Garden 542
Coombs Family Farms 1922
Cornbread Hemp 3000
Cup4Cup, LLC 1983
Custom Essence, Inc. 2533
Daabon Organic U.S.A., Inc. 1623
Divi's Nutraceuticals 4216
Dr. In The Kitchen / Flackers N1333
Edward & Sons Trading Co., Inc. 1569, N728
Every Body Eat® N135
Exceedient Foods 799
Finally! Chickpea Snacks N1835
Floating Leaf Fine Foods N1035
Flora 5706, 531
FODY Foods 5538
Friendly Organic Foods 1960
Froot Thief 5694
Galactic inc 3098
Gencor/Pharmako 3827
GluCorp 2125
Gnosis by Lesaffre 4431
Goli Nutrition Inc. 4253
Good PLANeT Foods N121
GoodBelly and Cheribundi N729
Green Girl Bakeshop N2325
Guittard Chocolate 865
Halavet Gelatin 4450
Harken Sweets N1213
Healthy Food Ingredients 1635
Heavenly Organics N840
Honey Stinger 5420
HOP WTR 5704
HUNDY! 8404
ICL Food Specialties 5175
Ingrilli Citrus, Inc. 5471
Inka Foods 522
Intelligent Blends 1532
Interpress Technologies and Interpac Technologies 1949
Issei Mochi Gummies 5599B
Jackson's Food Company N1043
Jeneil Biotech, Inc. 2697
Joolies Superfruit, LLC N1814
Julian Bakery 1883
Kahnalytics, Inc. dba Original Sprout 2625
Kimnori USA, Inc. 2211
Lagunitas Brewing Company N2247
LesserEvil, LLC 317
Live Love Pop 8704
LiveKuna N1843
Lively Up Your Breath, LLC N933
LIVNU 3357
Lochhead Vanilla Company 5331
Lorissa’s Kitchen 5787
LOVO, Pascha Chocolate N610
Luker Chocolate 5146
M.A.D. Foods N2305
Machu Picchu Foods 494
Made In Nature N1703
Magiktea N2309
Maizly N1444
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods N304
Manitoba Milling Company N804
Marroquin Organic International 1935
Mary's Gone Crackers 5431
Meati N722
Metshu Exports, (Pvt) Ltd. 1424
MicroDried 5500
Minnesota Pavilion N1334
Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, Inc. 4323
Miyoko's 476
Mommy's Bliss 3017
MyForest Foods N1438
Natural Path/Silver Wings 3520
Natural Sourcing International, LLC 1907
Nature’s Earthly Choice 801
Nature's Bakery 565
Nature's Ingredients Inc. 2236
Nelly's Organics N1607
New Acai Amazonas 2316
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas 479
Organics More Co.,Ltd 1409
OWYN 5189
Pacifico Snacks 5636
Paisley Farm N2106
Papa Mountain 5797
PATCH Bandages / MNML Laundry 2773
Peruvian Nature 1642
Philippine Brand 388
Piggy Paint 2608
Plant Snacks N502
PlantFusion 4080
Poptime Snack Brands, LLC N1911
Primal Kitchen 5104
Probiotical 4301
PSA (The Agave Sweetener Company) 5467
Purely Elizabeth 591
Queen Street Bakery 4958
Quinn Snacks 5364
Rainbo N2052
Raised Gluten Free N1209
RIBUS, Inc. 1710
River Valley Specialty Farms & Fire+Ice Functional Foods 3098B
Root Foods Co N1933
Rowdy Mermaid N221
Saltverk N415
Savor By Suzie N246
Say When Chai N1839
Schar 5114
SDM Nutraceuticals Inc. 4565
Select Brands LLC N528
Seppic, Inc. 3313
Serenity Kids N126
Seven Sundays N1330
Shroomeats / Culture Shrooms N1536
Sigdal Bakeri 1476
Simple Mills, Inc. 5421
Simply Delish 570
simplyFUEL N518
Smart Group Traders Inc. 1515
SmartSweets 5575
Sovereign Silver N905
Spectrum Fruits, Inc. N1302, N1403
SuckerPunch Gourmet N815
Suminter 2306
SunButter 911
Sweet Additions 1433
Sweet Loren's, Inc. 5580
Tahitian Gold Co., Inc. 1029
Tarazi Specialty Foods N1944
Terra Nostra Organics LLC 1560
That's it. Nutrition 5011
The Hershey Company 4913
The Ugly Company Inc. N2306
THEO's Plant-Based N1250
Three Farmers 5310
Timeline 4077
Top Health Ingredients 1423
Tripper 1663
TruEats Modern Baking Company N1448
TW Garner Food Company/Green Mountain Gringo 5120
Undercover Chocolate Co. 5324
UNFI 537
Unilever Health & Wellbeing 3571
US Greens 1500
Vermont Smoke & Cure N1807
Vesta Ingredients, Inc. 3304
Vitality Works, Inc. 3421
Vitanica 3416
Voyage Foods N2338
Wakunaga of America 3763
WayFare Health Foods 359
Western Foods, LLC 1660
Wild Planet Foods 5339, N824
XO Baking Co. 5384
Yourbarfactory 5330
YumEarth N604
Zego N1039
Zentis North America, LLC 1868
Zolli Candy 1683